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Opening day … in Japan

nori aoki bag shoes jingu stadium swallows baseball

Nori Aoki bag in Jingu Stadium (2013)

#NoriAoki #baseball

Today’s photo was taken more than a year after Aoki split Japan for the Major League Baseball in the USA. He’s back in Japan now, playing once again for the Swallows. He played for Waseda University, a few years before I taught there.

Train platform to enter car #6

Baseball motif in tile floor of Japanese metro station

I took today’s photo after watching a Swallows game in Tokyo at Meiji Jingu Stadium (明治神宮野球場). I think I was in the Gaienmae Station. Is anyone familiar with that station? Am I correct in that guess?

Preseason has begun, opening day about a month away


Rally umbrellas

yakult swallows umbrellas fans 応援 YS傘

Yakult Swallows fans and their umbrellas (YS傘)

#swallows @swallowspr ☂️

Swallows fans

swallows fans hiroshima carp baseball

Visiting crowd reaction after one of Wladimir Balentien’s home runs in his record breaking 2013 season

Opening Day

yasuhiro ogawa yakult swallows hiroshima baseball npb

Yasuhiro Ogawa (小川 泰弘) of the Yakult Swallows (Hiroshima, Japan 2013)

MLB begins today. NPB has been going for a couple weeks.

Ogawa, pictured above, is one of Japan’s finest. He is 1-1 on the young season with an ERA of 1.20. Over the past few seasons he has a combined ERA of 3.11. His rookie season, when I took today’s photo, was his best as he went 16-4 with a 2.93 ERA. Last year Yakult nearly won it all, but they are off to a rough start so far in 2016.

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