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Pitching Change

 tokyo yakult swallows umbrellas kasa pitching change jingu stadium

Swallows’ fans crack out their umbrellas when it’s time to send the opposing pitcher to the showers

Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) has their opening day in just over two weeks, more than a full week before MLB.


yakult swallows jingu stadium umbrella

2015 Central League Champions


For the first time in 14 years, the Yakult Swallows won the Central League of NPB and will be heading to the Climax Series. Play begins on October 14.

The umbrellas you see in today’s photo are the way Swallows fans celebrate a run. Yakult fans are insinuating that the opposing pitcher should head for the showers.

Baseball binoculars

yakult swallows fan jingu stadium binoculars


I have seen binoculars at baseball games before, but this guy took things to a different level. I imagine he positions himself in this same spot for all games. He had the worst seat in the house, but with his binoculars on a tripod he had perhaps the best view of the action.

Lastings Milledge

yakult swallows lastings milledge

Lastings Milledge of the Yakult Swallows

The “best 16-year old player” in 2001 is currently working to come back from a couple of injury-plagued seasons in Japan. He has played in just 4 of the Swallow’s 28 games so far this year.

Milledge’s best year as a pro came in 2012 for the Swallows when he hit .300 with 21 home runs. Today’s photo comes from 2013, the first year of a three-year $4.4 million contract for Lastings which has produced only 17 home runs so far and a batting average below .250 for Yakult.

Go! Go! Swallows!!

swallows fans

Yakult Swallows fans (Tokyo, Japan)

@NPBinENG @swallowspr @YourSwallows

Although less than a month of the season has elapsed, there is reason for hope in Tokyo as the usually losing Swallows are in first place!

Japanese baseball fans

carp swallows fans slyly hiroshima

Hiroshima Carp and Yakult Swallows fans ready for the game

Slyly, by the way, refers not to a player. Instead, Slyly is the Hiroshima Carp mascot. He looks a lot like the Phillie Phanatic, although he is a different color and has a wacky mullet/mohawk of yet another color. Slyly’s hair is not red and white like this guy’s.

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