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tokyo neighborhood yanaka japanese house

Tokyo, Japan

You can find quirky buildings in any part of Japan, but Tokyo is particularly full of these hodge-podge neighborhoods. This photo comes from one of my favorite places in Japan, Tokyo’s Yanaka District.

Old trees, old graves


Yanaka cemetery (谷中霊園)

Different season, same place as this prior entry.

Japanese cemetery in spring

yanaka-sakura-cemetery tokyo spring

Yanaka cemetery (谷中霊園)

Isetatsu paper shop

Isetatsu paper shop yanaka


Dipping into the archives today, this photo is from a bike ride I took to Yanaka in April of 2010.

Zakuro in Nippori

zakuro restaurant tas kebabi yanaka tokyo night

My random, desktop image of day is from my walk from Nippori Station to my hotel in Yanaka in the middle of the night. I’m not sure why I took this photo. Maybe I wanted to figure out what Tas Kebabi was later. Or maybe the thought of a king size kakigori caught my attention. I do remember it being very hot, even for the late hour.

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