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Gathering of the dead

mt view cemetery ashland

Mt. View Cemetery (Ashland, Oregon)

Ashland’s (Isaac) Hill Cemetery

isaac hill cemetery ashland oregon emigrant lake louis powell

Cemetery on Emigrant Lake

More details about this place can be found here and here.

Seven years ago this month…

fall foliage heart tree yellow leaves autumn

♥ tree

Today’s photo was taken in Ashland’s Mountain View Cemetery in November of 2011.

Flashback Friday

Death’s Cold Embrace

Not my favorite time of year, but it can sure be pretty sometimes. Today’s photo comes from almost eight years ago, and the subject matter is from about 110 years ago.

Archibald Malcolm (1845-1907)

archibald malcolm mountain view cemetery ashland oregon fall autumn

Ashland’s Mountain View Cemetery in autumn

Why don’t parents name their kids Archibald anymore?

Mountain View Cemetery on a foggy morning

ashland cemetery mountain view oregon

Mountain View Cemetery (Ashland, Oregon)

Happy Halloween


Mountain View Cemetery (Ashland, Oregon)

Ashland Cemetery on a foggy morning

ashland cemetery oregon smoky foggy morning smokey capt thos smith

Tombstone of Captain Thomas Smith

Ashland is apparently a smoky mess these days. I’ll be back in town in a couple weeks. Hopefully the skies will clear up soon. Today’s photo is from a foggy morning rather than a recent smoky day.

This headstone is rather interesting. It seems like the writing wasn’t completely planned, and the engraver added some words in after the fact. If you can’t read the words, try clicking on the image while on a larger screen.

Capt. Thos. Smith was born on the 14th of September in 1809 in Campbell, Kentucky and died on the 4th of November in 1892 in Ashland, Oregon. According to this site he did more than hold the savages at bay. He also started the Bank of Ashland.

Another foggy cemetery scene

ashland oregon cemetery fog trees tomb stones

Ashland Cemetery

And the Mayan Apocalypse begins…

Foggy Ashland Cemetery

nikon d600 nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 g lens fog cemetery bird crow raven fly over ashland oregon national register historical places

Ashland Cemetery in the fog