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Coraline house

lithia park house

Ashland home near Lithia Park

This house on the edge of Lithia Park reminds me a bit of the one in the movie Coraline. That one is pink though.

Ashland’s spider house under a full moon

night photography nikon d7000 tokina 11-16mm f2.8 spider halloween house decorations siskiyou

I have shown you a photo of this house all decorated up for Halloween on the corner of Morton Street and Siskiyou Blvd before, but this is the first time after dark.

San Francisco Victorians

san francisco victorian houses

The Victorian on the right is for sale. You should buy it, and paint it some groovy color (as this is in the Haight-Ashbury District).

Ashland house with Halloween decorations

halloween decorations home

Pumpkin in front of Ashland home on the corner of Pioneer and B Streetss

I had breakfast at Ruby’s a few days ago, followed by a walk through Ruby’s neighborhood.

This is one of my favorite houses in town. There are so many details on this house and the property that you can stare at it for hours and still discover new things. Maybe I’ll show you some different angles in future entries. I wanted to get today’s posted while we are still in the Halloween season.

Halloween house

glowing skeletons ashland oregon

Halloween house decorations featuring jack-o'-lanterns, cobwebs, skeletons, and more

My neighbor has been putting out jack-o’-lanterns again this year, but not at the rate of some prior years. I was wondering why there were baskets on top of these pumpkins until we put one out in front of our house the next day. Within minutes, deer were all over it. Maybe that’s why the numbers of jack-‘o-lanterns are down.

Outdoor lawn deer ornament

Some people purchase fake deer decorations to put in their yard for Christmas. In Ashland, you don’t have to pay for such decorations, and the deer are real.

Blue sky and snow

Blue sky normally means instant death to snow in Ashland, but we were treated to a rare spectacle in late February. Today (March 9) Grizzly Peak, although still snow capped, looked a bit green and we hit 60 degrees, a sure sign that Spring is not far away.

Last days of green

strawberry lithia park

The greens of today (yesterday is when I actually took this picture) will soon turn colors. A couple months later it will all be white. Don’t believe me? See these prior shots from the same, exact location.

Ashland from the highway

ashland oregon I-5

The peak in this picture is Wagner Butte. The town center is a bit to the right of today’s photograph. You can see it better in this prior entry.

The Obamas at Ashland’s Fourth of July Parade

barack obama michelle roof ashland oregon

I told you a couple days ago that the parade in town for the fourth is a big deal. So big that the First Couple couldn’t get a good spot on the road and had to stand on a roof instead.

You may recognize this residence from a prior entry. They put penguins up there for winter. I’ll have to remember to take a picture of that scene someday.