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Exit 780, Mt. Shasta Vista Point

mt shasta vista point

Mt. Shasta Vista Point on I-5 near the Oregon border


Between Hilt and Yreka in the most northern area of Northern California (less than 20 miles from the Oregon border and about 30 miles from Ashland) you can find this exit heading south on I-5.

Is it spring yet?

ashland grizzly peak spring snow

Ashland, Oregon and I-5 in April 2013

Controlled burn

Ashland, Oregon controlled burn beyond Exit 14

Last week’s controlled burn in the Ashland watershed was more aggressive than normal. Maybe the winds weren’t anticipated or they are running out of time before the real fire season begins.

Early fall

ashland early fall springs hotel mt clouds

Ashland had a great sky yesterday. The autumn colors are just beginning. No snow on Mt. Ashland yet, and the forecast shows 80s for the next couple weeks so no snow on Mount A in the near future.

Mt. Shasta and I-5

mt shasta highway interstate 5 i-5

Mt. Shasta and Interstate 5 (Northern California)

I-5 sunset

interstate 5 oregon

Sunset out the window of car moving 70 MPH down I-5 somewhere near Roseburg, Oregon

Snowy Ashland landscape

photomerge snowy I-5 ashland

Ashland, Oregon snowy day

I tried something a little different for today’s photo. I wanted to do a photomerge of I-5 with Ashland in the background with a twist. Normally, I photomerge by taking a series of photos starting with the left and moving right and then stitch them together in Photoshop. However, with most of the traffic coming from the right (heading south) I thought, “what if I find an interesting vehicle and capture it in several of the images?” When I saw the yellow school bus coming I started firing away from right to left. Hence it (and the cars right next to it) show up multiple times in the final photomerged panorama.

Stop and enjoy the Milky Way

astrophotography after dark photography milky way california

On my way back from Sacramento I pulled off of I-5 somewhere between Dunsmuir and Weed to pee. I looked up at the beautiful Milky Way and decided a photo was needed. So I opened my shutter while doing my business and this pic was the result.

I’ll be posting photos from the Death Angel, Testament, and Anthrax show on my other blog over the next little while.

Foggy night, starry night

moon and stars look down over ashland engulfed in fog

Moon and stars over I-5 as Ashland becomes consumed in fog

Just a few minutes after I took this photo I, too, was engulfed in fog. Strangely, the temperature didn’t change, nor did any wind kick up, but just a couple hours the fog was completely gone. How does that happen?

I-5 on the way to Salem

i-5 somewhere between medford and salem oregon

Today’s photo was taken by Ellie on Interstate 5 on the way to Salem, from inside of a moving car, back in May. I’m not sure if that is a rainbow or just glare from the window she was shooting through. In any event, it looks like it was a pretty drive. Oregon has a lot of these kinds of scenes.

Stick around for tomorrow’s entry to find out why Ellie was going to Salem.