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Nikon Z DX 24mm f/1.7 lens

My next lens?

I was going to purchase the Nikon Z 26mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens the next time it went on sale (mostly for use at concerts and hiking on my Z50). However, Nikon just announced the Nikkor Z DX 24mm f/1.7 Lens for a bit over the half the price of the 26mm. Just 10 grams heavier, I think I will pick the 24mm lens up instead.

Happy birthday, Boris Bauer!

Catastrofy boris bauer josefstadt-DeNoiseAI-clear

Boris Bauer of Catastrofy @ Josefstadt

After taking a barbed wire door to the back

pow pro wrestling whirled pies-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise


Saint Mary Lake

Saint Mary Lake

Metal Monday

howling giant john henry's-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Howling Giant @ John Henry’s (Eugene, Oregon – May 19, 2023)


howling giant john henry's elder

Oldest traditional wooden black church of the Faroe Islands

Hvalvík faroe islands church-DeNoiseAI-clear

Hvalvík, Faroe Islands (July 2021)

from Wikipedia:
“The Church in Hvalvík is a traditional wooden church dating from 1829, built because the old Church from 1700 was ruined in a storm. It is the third oldest Church in the Faroe Islands, though the oldest of the traditional wooden black churches. The Church is built with wood bought from a ship that ran aground in Saksun in 1828. The architecture is typically Faroese, with no stone foundations. The pulpit dates back to 1609 and was originally in the Church in Tórshavn.

The famous Bishop Alexander was raised in Hvalvík, in a place called Frammi við Kráir. Legend has it, that he was the first to import knives and forks.

The Church was featured on Faroese stamps issued in 1997.”