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Guidebooks for Copenhagen, Denmark, and Paris

So far we have purchased Top 10 Copenhagen, Lonely Planet’s Copenhagen Encounter, and Rick Steves’ Paris 2008. After our disappointing guidebook results with Japan last year, I don’t want our much longer stays in Europe beginning next month to encounter the same frustrations.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Or any that you would suggest we avoid or not follow?

We will probably be in Copenhagen for about 30-35 days, other parts of Denmark and Sweden for 5+ days, and Paris for about 6 or 7 days. So we probably still need something to help us figure out what to do and see in Denmark (outside of Copenhagen) and Sweden.

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    Today I picked up The Paris Mapguide as Rick Steves had pretty lousy maps for Italy so we aren’t going to trust his maps for Paris. The maps in this thing look really good.