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We have arrived…

… in Washington D.C. As inevitably happens when you are traveling long distances, things don’t go as planned and you end up stranded somewhere.

The above picture is of our plane from Portland, Oregon to Washington D.C. From our nation’s capital we were scheduled to connect on a flight to Copenhagen. However, even though we were there and ready 30 minutes before our scheduled departure, and our plane was there and ready 30 minutes before our scheduled departure, the crew was required by some regulations to get some more beauty sleep. (By the looks of this crew, the beauty sleep didn’t help. 😉 ) Therefore, we were 2 and a half hours behind schedule in Portland and subsequently missed our flight to Copenhagen.

Ryan used the extra time to get some shut eye.

Ellie used it to send email to her friends.

Upon arrival in DC, United Airlines gave us a room at the Hyatt Hotel, $60 in meal money, $60 in cab fare, $400 in travel vouchers on future flights, and 4 bags of toiletries. Since we are going to be in Copenhagen for over 5 weeks anyway, missing a day isn’t the end of the world. I’ve never toured our nation’s capital either so DC will now be one place we don’t have to take a vacation to in the future.

In the airport I saw Pat Robertson. He was talking with his traveling companions as I passed him, and I heard him say something about Jimmy Carter. Airports are weird.

I’ll save most of our DC adventures for tomorrow’s blog entry, but one thing I found very curious at the airport I will share today. The Dulles airport in DC must be the most poorly designed facility on the planet. The terminals are long, long hallways with no moving walkways. It takes forever to get from one end to the other. But that isn’t the worst of it. The worst is that the terminals are not connected. To get from one terminal to another you must ride on a shuttle bus (of sorts). The shuttle buses look like crazy, military carriers from a low budget sci-fi movie.

That still isn’t the worst of it. To get from one terminal to another these shuttle buses must cross the runways and taxiing areas of the airplanes. So the airplanes and shuttle buses are trying to drive around each other on the runways causing all sorts of delays for those trying to get from one terminal to another and for those on planes trying to get to gates. (Our plane had to wait after landing about 15 minutes before it could creep up to a gate and let us off.) It felt like we were in some sort of bizarro world that only some mindless scoundrels would have created. But then again, we are talking about Washington D.C…

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