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Kanken DS 3 Deluxe

A new version of the fabulous Japanese and Kanji learning game for the Nintendo DS was released today. I reviewed the prior version here. Kanken DS3 Deluxe (漢検DS3デラックス) appears to include some of the suggestions from my prior review. I won’t know for sure until I actually try it out what all the improvements are, but after taking a quick look at Rocket Company’s website it looks like they have nearly doubled the number of different questions/problems from 60,000 to 116,000.

The dictionary also looks much better. Now there are actually definitions and examples instead of just readings, stroke order, and radicals. Another huge improvement, which puts this dictionary above other DS dictionaries and even some fancy electronic dictionaries, is you can write four character jukugo and get a definition.

Of course, it’s impossible to tell just how much better this product is than Kanken DS 2 without actually using it, but I’m guessing it is well worth the price–just $38.99 delivered.

If you’d like my Kanken DS 2 I’m now willing to part with it for $28 delivered. Email me if interested.

11 Responses to “Kanken DS 3 Deluxe”

  1. 1

    I own and use Kanken DS2 and I’ll definitely get the new version! It’s just great for learning Kanji!

  2. 2
    Russell Heilling:

    I put up a Kanken DS3 Deluxe mini review on my journal over at covering my experiences with the new one… Overall I am very impressed 🙂

  3. 3

    I have Kanken DS2 and just noticed this new one with your review. Going to be going to Japan in August so I’ll pick it up then! Excited about the yojijyukugo dictionary.

  4. 4

    My Kanken DS2 has been sold. Sorry.

  5. 5


    I am just completing my first semester of Japanese at my university. In the spring I will be taking the second Japanese class, and next year I will be studying abroad in Japan for one year. I want a DS game over my winter break that will help keep me fresh on Japanese so I am not brain dead going in the second semester.

    Would you recommend the My Japanese Coach? Or one of these other Japanese learning games?


  6. 6

    I wouldn’t recommend My Japanese Coach. If you are learning kanji then Kanken DS3 is worth investing in.

  7. 7

    If I only know a very limited amount of Kanji (under 50), then would Kanken DS3 prove too challenging for me? I read one review that said do not bother if you know under 600 Kanji.


  8. 8

    DS3 is too challenging for anyone if you are on a level above your own, but you can work on the lowest level until you learn more. The menus will be difficult to navigate knowing only 50 kanji, but you’ll figure them out.

  9. 9

    I read your review on My Japanese coach, literally, right before I was planning on purchasing it online. Based on your review (& you certainly seem like you know what your talking about)I won’t be buying My Japanese Coach for DS. That being said, after I saw this review and read comments and found out this game is Completely Japanese with no English, I was wondering if you know of any other games for Nintendo DS that teach how to speak and write Japanese for beginners. (besides My J.C.)

  10. 10

    Unfortunately, there is nothing but MJC for beginners that I know of.

  11. 11

    So many people push aside MJC. But very few people have actually gotten past the main lessons.
    Sure, the grammar part isn’t very good at all (you’re best off with just regular grammar text books), and it’s not a great tool for learning Kanji (definitely go with Kanken for that, if you’re serious about it). But once you get past the main lessons, it’s mostly all vocabulary – thousands of words. And unless you’re fluent or near to it, it’s a great help. I’ve tried several different things, electronic and not, and for vocabulary, MJC is by far the best you can get.