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Saigo Takamori 西郷隆盛

Sometimes you take a picture of something not knowing why or even what it is you are looking at. Then, later, you are glad you did. Such is the case with this photograph of Saigo Takamori’s statue that I took in Ueno Park.

It wasn’t until I read Looking for the Lost that I was able to learn who Saigo was and what he did. (I had seen The Last Samurai but didn’t make the connection.) As I read Alan Booth‘s words I remembered taking this picture of his statue.

In Looking for the Lost, Booth retraces Saigo’s steps (as best he could given that some of the paths have been completely overgrown with vegetation and snakes).

Next time I’m in Ueno Park I’ll be able to tell my kids a story or two about Saigo and the Satsuma Rebellion instead of just staring blankly at his statue. This bronze statue, by the way, has been standing in Ueno Park for over 110 years now.

One Response to “Saigo Takamori 西郷隆盛”

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    Barry Newman:

    The most wonderful writer about Japan, so missed. Kodansha has chosen not to publish his third book, Tsugaru, in English unfortunately.