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An evening stroll through Ginza (銀座)

銀座 ginza tokyo night japan

Last week we had our names selected from a drawing that we entered to attend the “Ginza International Jazz Festival.” The day before we got hit with the edge of a typhoon so the sky was particularly clear. The weather is never better in Tokyo than the day after a typhoon.

Anyway, after the festival, we walked around Ginza and had dinner at the Ginza Lion Beer Hall. Actually we were on the second floor in the ビヤレストラン as the first floor was full in the no smoking section.

銀座 sushi bikkuri tokyo japan ginza

“Bikkuri” means surprise. So how does this sushi surprise people? The taste is surprisingly good? What you get is a surprise? I don’t know.

ginza at night tokyo japan 銀座

Unfortunately I didn’t have my LX3 on me as it takes much better pictures at dusk and after dark. These came out OK though given the clear air.

ginza tokyo japan 銀座

The blue sky in these photos is completely real–not some Photoshop trick. The sky in Tokyo is super after a typhoon.

One Response to “An evening stroll through Ginza (銀座)”

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    leif hagen:

    Those glitzy, gleaming, glamourous Ginza photos are great! Always fun to shop at Mitsukoshi!