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Mt. Mitake Hike – Part 3 (nearing Mt. Otsuka 大塚山)

hiking mt. otsuka near kori station tokyo japan

For most of the uphill climb after departing Highway 45 near Kori Station (古里駅) the above is all you can see. Few people were on this trail (in the 奥多摩町 area). In fact, we would have thought we were on some of our favorite hikes near home in Ashland, Oregon were it not for the roots lining the trail, the trees not being quite the same (sugi maybe? 杉), and the occasional hiker saying konnichiwa to us.

fall in japan

Upon reaching the ridge after a couple of hours, the views changed rather dramatically. They were also very different depending on which way you looked. Trees on one side of the ridge were non-existent on the opposing side and vice versa. Some trees had lost most of their leaves.

fall maple leaves japanese mt. otsuka mitake hike

Other trees, like these Japanese Maples, were peaking.

susuki tokyo mountains

I wasn’t expecting to see susuki up here, but there it was. From this last spot, if one could jump 50 feet straight up, they would be treated with a vast overview of Tokyo.

2 Responses to “Mt. Mitake Hike – Part 3 (nearing Mt. Otsuka 大塚山)”

  1. 1
    Christchurch Photo Diary:

    Looks like it was a lovely day, shame you didn’t get to see the view from the top!

    I did a big hill walk this week too, however I was lucky enough to get some stunning views. (photos posted 26 Nov)

    Love the blog. Thanks : )

  2. 2

    Mt. Mitake is a charming place to discover nature. I went there lasr december 2011. You can watch this video: