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Bangkok – Part 2

suzy thai restaurant bangkok

Our kids were tired after our first day in Bangkok so we left them in their room while we went out to get some Thai food to bring back. Strangely enough, it took time finding Thai food. There were plenty of Indian, Japanese, and Italian restaurants near our hotel, but we walked a while before finding the stall pictured above. We picked up some Pad Thai and Tom Kha Gai.

The kids were more tired than we had thought. They were sound asleep and wouldn’t answer their locked door or phone when we returned with dinner. We had to get another key from the front desk in order to get in their room. They were there, sound asleep of course, and they were too far gone to eat with us.

Suzy’s food was good–especially if you like things spicy. It is just off of Silom Road, down a little alley, between the Holiday Inn Silom (where we stayed) and Patpong, on the Patpong side of Silom Road.

thailand buddhist temple gate night bangkok

This was the gate to a Hindu temple (Sri Maha Mariamman or Wat Khaek or Maha Uma Devi) on that first evening’s walk.

holiday inn bangkok thailand

And here is a shot from the inside of our room. The hotel was not bad for the price, but hotels in Bangkok are generally cheap. We got the rooms through Priceline, which saved us a bit of cash. However, Priceline rated the Holiday Inn Silom Bangkok as four stars. I’ve stayed in better, three-star places to be sure. While the rooms weren’t expensive (although they were on the high side for Bangkok where you can get a room for under $20) everything in the hotel was. For instance, breakfast, which we didn’t ever try, was ridiculously priced considering you can eat breakfast in Bangkok for under 60 baht (< $2). The internet wasn't free, or even reasonably priced, in our room or at the business office in the hotel. The kids took full advantage of the pool every day though. bangkok ferry boat

On our first full day in Bangkok we headed to the Chao Phraya River, a five-minute walk from the hotel, to catch a boat up to the temples. The above picture isn’t of the boat we took. Finding the correct boat was confusing. More on that tomorrow…

3 Responses to “Bangkok – Part 2”

  1. 1

    What great photos! Such wonderful variety of the sights in Bangkok. That temple gate to the Hindu temple is amazing. I am enjoying your trip!

  2. 2
    Christine Watson:

    Hey! That boat was the one that I took to cross the river for my hotel! Did you get a chance to see the Peninsula (across the river from the Oriental)

  3. 3

    Only from the river… We didn’t set foot on the other side of the river.