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Emerald Buddha

phra wiharn yod

The grounds and buildings around the Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha are amazing. Add to that the sky we experienced, and I entered photographer’s nirvana. I took a few hundred photos, but will spare you from having to see them all.

The first picture, above, is mainly of Phra Wiharn Yod.

Alan and Ellie Case outside the Royal Pantheon bangkok thailand

Royal Pantheon from hor phra gandhararat

The above photo is of the Royal Pantheon and was taken from the building which houses the Emerald Buddha.

emerald buddha bangkok thailand

Above is the Emerald Buddha, not nearly as impressive, to me anyway, as the Reclining Buddha. He is actually made of jade rather than emerald. The king gives him an outfit change a few times a year. You can only see a small piece of the vast amounts of gold that fill this room from this picture. Photography isn’t allowed inside. I took this picture from outside.

thai buddhist demon temple guardian holding up golden stupa

Holding up the golden, bell-shaped towers (stupa) are these temple guardians or demons.

golden stupa emerald buddha grand palace bangkok thailand

nice backdrop for a family photo

The ultimate Thai backdrop for a family photo…

lotus pond

Lotus pond basins dotted the landscape of the temple grounds.

sky contrasted with thai buddhist architecture

Did I mention how cool the sky was on this day?

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    Unbelievable color! What an amazing place!