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Shibuya’s Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall – 東京都児童会館

One of our guidebooks mentioned a place in Shibuya that sounded interesting. So a few days after New Years we made our way to the Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall. Most things were aimed at younger kids (probably best for 5 – 9 year olds), but we still had a good time. The place is large by Tokyo standards with about six floors of activities. And it’s all free.

Today’s picture is of the taiko group which performed in front of the entrance.

We found out later that these free, children’s halls exist all over the place. Ryan and Ellie visited one near Meguro with some friends and have played ping pong at the one just a few minutes down the street in Takadanobaba.

2 Responses to “Shibuya’s Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Hall – 東京都児童会館”

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    We saw an elaborate Taiko Drum performance here in Los Angeles last winter. It was amazing! I have seen similar performers in Japan, as these in your photo. They are a treat to see!

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    leif hagen:

    Great drumming photo! I bet their music was good and loud and lively!