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Jogashima 城ヶ島

城ヶ島 安房埼灯台

For Tuesday of Golden Week we decided to follow Walk #36, Jogashima Park, in A Flower Lover’s Guide To Tokyo. May isn’t the right time for any of the suggested flowers (narcissus in January and February, hydrangea in June, and nokanzo wild day lilies in July), but we saw lots of flowers and had a great time anyway. I wouldn’t suggest going during Golden Week or on a Sunday, as things can be crowded. A weekday would be really nice though.

The above photo is of one of the two lighthouses on the island, Awazaki Lighthouse (安房埼灯台).

南岸 城ヶ島

The above picture is of the southern shore.

On the train on the way home we saw a train advertisement for a special pass. I’m not sure if it was a permanent offer or short-time deal, but be sure to check with Keikyu (京急) if you decide to visit Jogashima. We paid about 2,900 yen each for round-trip transportation from Tokyo. The package was for about the same price; we could have had the train paid for, unlimited bus rides (which can run up to 400 yen each), a meal (featuring the area’s famous raw tuna (maguro)), and an onsen soak.

They also had a burger deal from Tokyo to Yokosuka which would be a great deal if you needed to go to Yokosuka from Tokyo anyway.

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