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Oiran Parade (花魁道中)


My co-star had a parade after the show at Edo Wonderland. She (the oiran) had on some serious, platform geta. Rather than just walk down the street, she had a special move which involved sort of kicking out her foot as she went.

2 Responses to “Oiran Parade (花魁道中)”

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    Abraham Lincoln:

    One might never know or suspect it but when we first got over there, in Japan, the ladies were giving up their traditional garb for Western Dress. They did their best to walk in high heel shoes but the hospital was filled with twisted and broken ankles. It was walking on the ankle more than the high heels.

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    Hirotaka Fujita:

    Hello, my name is Hirotaka Fujita.I”m a publisher of bilingual art magazine called 《ONBEAT》. We are going to have an article for the next issue of the magazine about Japanese shoes designer called Noritaka Tatehana who has designed Lady Gaga’s Heelless. And we would like to use your photograph of “Oiran Parade”for reference material for the article. If It Is Ok, we will put your name on photograph off course, and we can send you the magazine that your “Oiran Parade” phot in it. So, please contact us, we are waiting for you.