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Kanazawa’s (金沢) Kenrokuen’s (兼六園) Karasaki (唐崎) Pine Tree (松)

kanazawa japan korokuen karasaki matsu pine tree

Japan has some amazing pine trees, and this is one of the better ones. The seed for this Karasaki Matsu (Pine Tree) is said to have come from the famous pine tree depicted in the ukiyo-e pictured below (Night Rain at Karasaki) by Hiroshige. The statue to the left is Yamato Takeru and is the oldest bronze statue in Japan, dating back to 1880.

hiroshige ukiyo-e

2 Responses to “Kanazawa’s (金沢) Kenrokuen’s (兼六園) Karasaki (唐崎) Pine Tree (松)”

  1. 1
    Abraham Lincoln:

    The bronze statue is older than the Great Buddha at Kamakura?

  2. 2

    You are, of course, correct. The daibutsu in Kamakura is much older (600+ years). Some sites call this one in Kanazawa the oldest; I’m not sure why. Maybe this is the oldest from a single piece of bronze? The daibutsu is pieced together from 30 pieces. I’m guessing that this statue in Kenrokuen was the first in Japan using modern, western techniques.