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Leg 1 (Medford to Portland)

upper table rock medford air pictures

The first flight (of 3) to get to Copenhagen was from Medford to Portland. Most flights out of Medford afford a nice view of Table Rock, a formation created from some ancient lava flows 7 million years ago.

aerial portland oregon photo

Here is downtown Portland, along the waterfront, as my plane was landing in Portland.

From Portland (one of my favorite airports) I got on a flight to Amsterdam (one of my least favorite airports). If you ever take a flight from Portland to Amsterdam (or London or someplace else in the vicinity), be sure to get a window seat on the left side of the plane.

mt. hood aerial photo from the air

Soon after takeoff we had this great view of Mt. Hood. Tomorrow, I’ll show you another reason (in summer at least) why a window view on this side of the plane is a good idea.

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    Julie H:

    Those are wonderful photos! Makes it feel like one could just fall right into them. The colors in the Table Top Rock photo are amazing!