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Waiting for my turn with the Omikoshi in front of Ippudo

A month or two before ever sampling Ippudo Ramen, there is this image of me standing in front of it, getting a bit excited apparently as the carriers of the shrine were soon going to be changing.

I don’t know if this is the norm or not, but in the case of the Tenso Jinja Matsuri different groups or organizations took turns carrying the omikoshi around town. I was part of the Nishi-Waseda group (in the blue happi coats).

Back to Ippudo Ramen… I need to get some photos of it up one of these days. With so many food choices in Tokyo, and near Waseda University in particular, I rarely ate at a place more than once or twice. Ippudo was probably the only place I enjoyed a meal more than 10 times.

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