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Danish crowns

Crown of Christian V 1665-70 and The queen's crown 1731

The queen of Denmark's crown (1731) and the crown of Christian V (1665-70)

Inside Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen you can find these crowns under glass.

The king’s crown is the official crown that was used for the anointment of Danish monarchs from the 17th Century until the end of absolutism in 1849. This crown was made by the royal goldsmith Paul Kurtz in Copenhagen in 1670. It weighs almost 5 pounds!

You have to pay to photograph these crowns (and everything else in the Crown Jewels). I think Rosenborg Slot is the only place I have ever been which charged an extra fee (ironically, payable in Danish krones–pronounced “crowns”) to take pictures.

One Response to “Danish crowns”

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    leif hagen:

    I would have gladly paid to photograph those magnificent crowns with Kroner! Many museums now do NOT allow any photographs!
    Happy New Year!