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Zhengzhou’s Erqi Square (二七广场)

Erqi Square 二七广场 zhengzhou china henan central clock towers

I discovered Erqi Square in Zhengzhou (郑州) a little too late during my two weeks in the city. My hotel was not near this central portion of Zhengzhou. Taxi cabs were cheap, but it could take forever to get from one place to another. If I ever make it to Zhengzhou again, I would like to see the Erqi Memorial Clock Tower, pictured just to the left of center in today’s photo, at night, all lit up.

If you click on this photo for a better view, you can see the somewhat organized chaos that is China traffic. The hordes of pedestrians, bikes, and scooters generally try not to mix too much with the cars and buses, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Until recently the cars and buses weren’t nearly so numerous. With no subway system, broken sidewalks, streets filled with potholes, and polluted air, getting from one place to another–regardless of your form of transportation–was not pleasant.

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