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Yoshinoya beef bowl (吉野家の牛丼)

yoshinoya beef bowl gyudon

Gyudon (牛丼) is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. Sure it’s cheap Japanese fast food, but I still love it. I tried this bowl in the Los Angeles area as you can’t find Japanese style beef bowls anywhere near my normal neck of the woods in Southern Oregon. It wasn’t quite the same as the many I have consumed in Japan. Maybe it was the styrofoam bowl? Perhaps that was part of it, but something still seemed a bit off in the recipe.

I’m looking forward to consuming the real thing in Japan this summer as well as many bowls of bulgogi (불고기) in Korea.

2 Responses to “Yoshinoya beef bowl (吉野家の牛丼)”

  1. 1
    Tim Moon:

    That looks good. Nice change of pace from teriyaki chicken. I’m moving to Korea this year so I’m looking forward to lots of bulgogi too!

  2. 2
    Japan Australia:

    Yoshinoya as well as the other Gyudon chains in Japan (Sukiya, Matsuya,etc) have recently slashed the price of their Gyudon, so its cheaper than ever at the moment.