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Shofukuji (聖福寺)

tochoji fukuoka japan

Shofukuji (Hakata, Fukuoka, Japan)

Big or small, famous or not, I love visiting temples in Japan with no crowds. (Crowds can be fun too when there is a matsuri, bon odori, or something going on.) There were no other people at Shofukuji (聖福寺) on this weekday in June with rain threatening. However, I was not alone. The Japanese black crows made their presence very known to me. They made a few dives in my neighborhood as I was taking this photo and were squawking so loudly you would have thought I was standing on their nest. (I assure you I was not.)

In any event, I had to take this quick picture before splitting as I didn’t want another bloody gash in my head (which is what happened the last time a Japanese black crow didn’t like me).

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