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Chikuzen Province (筑前国)

Hakata Machiya Folk Museum diorama

Diorama in Hakata Machiya Folk Museum (Fukuoka, Japan)

I read a good chunk of Samurai Revolution when I was the passenger on our way to and from Portland this past weekend. I just finished an exciting part of the book (about when Satsuma and Choshu formed their alliance in 1866).

Reading about the Five Banished Nobles (including the future Prime Minister of Japan, Sanjo Sanetomi 三条実美), and how they bid their time in Dazaifu, reminded me of this photo. Because immediately after taking this picture, a retired Japanese history professor struck up a conversation with me and before I knew it he was escorting me to Dazaifu.

Now I feel like I need to return to Japan to check out some more spots mentioned in Samurai Revolution which I have yet to visit. Also, I will be able to ask some more educated questions of my retired Japanese history professor since I more fully understand the history of this part of Japan. And yet there’s so much more fascinating history that I could never fully consume in my lifetime.

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