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Otsuki’s 12 beautiful viewing peaks of Mt. Fuji (大月市・秀麗富嶽十二景)

otsuki kuradakesan

Otsuki City’s Kuradakesan (倉岳山)

While following one of the suggested hikes in the book “Day Walks Near Tokyo” (sadly, this was now more than five years ago) I came across the map below at the mountain top above.

otsuki city 12 beautiful peaks to view mt fuji from

map of Otsuki’s 12 peaks with beautiful views of Mt. Fuji

Apparently there are 11 other awesome hikes near Otsuki. I need to get back to Japan for some more exploring.

There is also a website, in Japanese, about these 12 views here. The website includes many photos from contests they’ve had over the years. Here is one of them:

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