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shosenkyo kofu japan

Shosenkyo near Kofu, Japan

Kakuenbo (覚円峰) is the normal “face” of Shosenkyo (although I have yet to post a photo of it on here–soon maybe), but the rocks in today’s photo have a similar appearance, even from this different angle. Maybe this is the backside of Kakuenbo; I’m not sure.

When I took this photo I had just come from more than a month of looking at and hiking through somewhat similar rocks in the mountains above Gwangju in South Korea.

BTW, I took today’s photo from a place called Yasaburotake (弥三郎岳), a giant rock you can get to easily from the top of the Shosenkyo Ropeway (昇仙峡ロープウェイ). Most people doing the ropeway are heading to this spot so just follow the Japanese people.

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