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Wiley Arnett of Sacred Reich

Wiley Arnett sacred reich brutal assault 2019

Wiley Arnett of Sacred Reich @ Brutal Assault 2019


The “Surf Nicaragua” EP was one of the first CDs I owned. It only took me a little over 30 years to finally see Sacred Reich live.

Konopiště Castle

Konopiště Castle (Czech Republic)

I didn’t do the tour when I visited this place so I didn’t know until today that this was the last residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinan, one of the more famous humans to have ever roamed the planet.

Metal Monday

carcass brutal assault bill steer

Bill Steer of Carcass @ 2019 Brutal Assault

Is this the real life?

czech republic cesky krumlov-DeNoiseAI-clear

Český Krumlov in the South Bohemia area of Czech Republic (August 2021)

Is this just fantasy?

Metal Monday

Henry de Jong alien weaponry brutal assault

Henry de Jong of Alien Weaponry @ 2019 Brutal Assault

Burning Witches @ Josefstadt

burning witches josefstadt sea shepherd

Burning Witches @ Josefstadt on Sea Shepherd Stage