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Kushida-jinja 櫛田神社 fukuoka topaz denoise ai-clear

Kushida-jinja (櫛田神社) (Fukuoka, Japan – June 2013)

Tokyo from Waseda University

Taken from the building in which I taught back in April of 2010, you can see that Tokyo Skytree was still a year away from completion. Thunder Dolphin (steel roller coaster in Tokyo Dome City) and the Tokyo Dome are also visible.


Mitake Shosenkyo


Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace

11 years ago today…

 shinagawa topaz denoise ai-denoise


A fun walk, with views for days, can be had from the Shinagawa Station to Odaiba in Tokyo Bay. Before crossing the Rainbow Bridge, you’ll pass this section of town.

Shosenkyo Hiking Map

昇仙峡  map board shosenkyo


I walked up (and later down) Shosenkyo so I didn’t have the energy or desire to do additional hiking once I reached the top. However, if you go to the top of Shosenkyo via car or bus and want to hike around, these are your most common options.