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Fall colors near Tokyo

mt mitake fall colors shrine jinja

Mt. Mitake in Autumn

The fall colors (紅葉) aren’t ripe on Mt. Mitake, near Tokyo, yet, but if you are in or near Tokyo, be sure to head up the mountain in about a month (November 15-30 time frame) for some of nature’s beauty.

Four Seasons

four seasons autumn chinzanso tokyo japan

Four Seasons Hotel during autumn – Chinzanso -Tokyo, Japan

Not every Four Seasons Hotel property can display the four seasons literally like the one at Chinzanso (椿山荘) in Tokyo.

Fall colors in January?

koyo autumn colors in january in tokyo

I have mentioned before how late autumn hits the Tokyo area. I’m used to fall colors in October. They don’t begin in Tokyo until November and don’t reach their peak until very late in the month or even early December.

I took today’s photo near the Imperial Palace (皇居) in January!

Japanese maples

japanese maples fall autumn

Japanese Maples (紅葉) in Autumn

Japanese Maple Leaves

 イロハモミジ momiji 紅葉


Autumn on Mt. Mitake

autumn color japan mount mitake

Fall is in the air in my current neck of the woods (Oregon), and some of the trees have begun to change color. In Japan (around Tokyo anyway) autumn doesn’t come until November, at the earliest, so there are still a couple of months before things look like today’s photo. I took this pic in late November on Mt. Mitake, not far from Tokyo.