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Hiroshima grey heron アオサギ-denoise

Hiroshima grey heron (アオサギ)

Park beauty

縮景園 shukkei-en

Shukkei-en (縮景園)

Hiroshima grey heron (アオサギ)

Hiroshima grey heron


bamboo and tea fields @ Shukkei-en

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


Strolling through Shukkeien

50-year old teahouse

Shukkei-en 縮景園 seifukan tea house

Shukkei-en’s (縮景園) Seifukan (清風館) (Japanese tea house in Hiroshima)

Everything, except for one tree, in Shukkei-en was wiped out by the atomic bomb in August of 1945. In 1964 this tea house was built in the same place and style as its predecessor that had existed from the 17th to the 20th Century.