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Bon Odori

Dance of the dead

@nskbhachiman #bon #bonodori #tokyo #japan

A few days ago I watched The Barbarian and the Geisha. The opening scene is of a Bon Odori in 1856, and it reminded me of today’s photo, taken at the last Bon Odori I witnessed in 2013.

Bon odori

Bon Odori (Tokyo, Japan)



bon odori

bon odori (盆踊り)

Japan may be in the cards for 2018…

2018 update: No Japan this year. 🙁

Ojii @ Obon

old man ojii bon odori

Enjoying the show

tokyoite bon o dori old man smile

What show was this old Tokyoite smiling about? This one.


八幡神社 tokyo jinja hachiman

Hachiman Jinja (Tokyo, Japan)