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Anne Frank (June 12, 1929 – February 1945)

anne frank topaz denoise ai-clear

Anne Frank statue (Amsterdam – July 2011)

Born less than a year before my mother, Anne Frank died 77 years ago.


Amsterdam (2011)

Amsterdam Evening

Amsterdam canal at night

Today’s photo is another that falls into the “wish I could go back to this scene and have a redo photo” category. No RAW file, underexposed, ISO-800, etc.

Amsterdam Evening

amsterdam evening-denoise

Amsterdam canal

amsterdam evening

Amsterdam evening

6 bridges (of the 15 bridges) view

6 bridge of 15 bridge view

Reguliersgracht and Herengracht (Amsterdam) from the water

On the Amsterdam Canal Tour I took today’s photo. From this location you can see 15 bridges if you turn your head 180 degrees. This pic shows six of those bridges. I went back at night and took a photo from the shore to see what it would look like lit up.