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Happy birthday, Albert Pujols!

albert pujols california anaheim angels topaz denoise ai-low-light

Albert Pujols (April 2012)

Today’s photo comes from one of the first games Pujols played for the Angels. The Cardinals really got the best of Albert. The Angels were fools for thinking he would be as good for them. He only played one more season for the Cardinals as he did the Angels, but he hit more than twice as many home runs for the Cardinals. His on-base percentage was 109 points higher for the Cardinals! His average WAR with the Cardinals was 7 and it was only 1 for the Angels. The Cardinals paid him just over $100M and the Angels? $240M. Ouch! Sometimes you don’t get what you pay for.

Home run swing?

matt kemp dodgers topaz denoise ai-low-light

Matt Kemp with a big swing for the Dodgers (April 2012)

This follow-through looks like a home run (or strike out) swing. I checked the box score, and Kemp did not hit a home run on this evening, but he did strike out.

California sunset

laguna beach sunset

Laguna Beach sunset (December 2019)

Carmel sunset

Carmel sunset

Waterfall Wednesday

Hedge Creek Falls dunsmuir california

Hedge Creek Falls

San Jacinto Peak from Cathedral City

San Jacinto Peak from Cathedral City

Five years ago today on our Desert Trip trip.