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San Francisco Sunset

san francisco sunset treasure island

View from Treasure Island (4/20/24)

Rhododendron on the campus of Cal Poly Humboldt

rhododendron humboldt

Redwood Highway (AKA Vacuum Route)

tesla california beach orick beach

Orick Beach, California

If you’ve ever driven the road between Grants Pass, Oregon and Eureka, California, did you notice that you go through the towns of Kerby, Orick, and Eureka? Kirby, Oreck, and Eureka are three major vacuum brands. There is also a turnoff, near Selma, for Hoover Gulch. If you are going to start a new town along the Redwood Highway, I highly recommend picking a name like Dyson or Electrolux.

Metal Monday

sofi metallica

Metallica @ Sofi Stadium (August 2023)

Broken Compass Bluegrass @ Hog Farm

broken compass bluegrass hog farm

Broken Compass Bluegrass @ 2023 Hog Farm Hideaway


A year ago, I’d never heard of this band. Since then, I’ve seen them three times. The above photo is from the first time. Every time they are better than expected, even though my expectations have increased each time.

They are playing in Portland the next three nights at three different venues.

Happy birthday, Marcus King!

marcus king high sierra music festival-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Marcus King @ 2023 High Sierra Music Festival

@realmarcusking @highsierramusic