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Flashback Friday

Pick a myth, any myth

Today’s photo comes from a stroll through Christiania eight years ago.

Kidz Zone, NO Adults

kids zone christiania denmark

Kidz Zone No Adults Dream World (Christiania, Denmark)

After seeing the above, I went in for a closer look. Creepy. Seemed more like a nightmare than a dream world.

doll heads christiania kidz zone

Christiania grass-roof house

christiania grass roof bike house

Freetown Christiania (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Entering Christiania

christiania mural art graffitti

Christiania mural - Copenhagen, Denmark

Pleasant spot in Christiania

hippie town pot smoking legal marijuana

A tranquil place to rest in Copenhagen's Christiania

Not far from the drug deals, and roaming dogs doing their business wherever they please, you can find pieces of the utopia that Christiania was intended to be.

Christiania update

christiania marijuana pot hash buy

Christiania sign

My prior posts on Christiania are some of the most frequently visited on the blog. I’m not sure why. In any event, it took me a while to revisit Christiania. I didn’t end up going until my last week in Copenhagen, three years after my first encounter with the place.

christiania fristaden graffiti

Christiania graffiti

The guidebooks all say go visit Christiania, but nearly everyone that does check out Christiania (as a tourist not looking for pot) is disappointed. The place is pretty ugly and a bit scary when you enter through the main entrance. However, if you keep going there are some interesting and even beautiful things to see.

christiania copenhagen denmark water

Christiania flower garden

I’ll cover the new marijuana scene (which is very different than three years ago) in a future entry.