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Mad Ferret @ Stramash

scotland edinburgh mad ferret Stramash-low-light

Mad Ferret @ Stramash

@MadFerretBand @StramashEdin

I thought that one of the disappointing things about going to Scotland this summer was that it would be the only place I visited without any live music (due to Covid restrictions, which are generally less in Europe than in the USA unless you are in the UK). However, during a tour I was on to the Isle of Skye, my tour guide played a great band from his hometown called “Mad Ferret”. He sort of DJed the songs he played on the bus and mentioned that Mad Ferret was playing the following night in Edinburgh. I went online and quickly grabbed up tickets for us before it sold out. The show ended up being the first allowed live music in Edinburgh in almost 18 months, and virtually everyone there was seeing live music for the first time in ages and freaking out. An amazing evening!

Altar of Oblivion @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

Altar of Oblivion’s Jeppe Campradt

Altar of Oblivion’s Danny Woe

Altar of Oblivion’s Mik Mentor, Christian Nørgaard, and Martin Meyer Sparvath

Happy birthday, Ole Luk!

afsky metal magic-low-light ole luk pedersen

Afsky’s Ole Luk

It’s not uncommon for me to get goosebumps at concerts. But Afsky’s soundcheck at 2021 Metal Magic Festival was the first time I’ve experienced that before the actual performance. I may have even teared up during the soundcheck. And then the actual show, with great sound, lighting, and atmosphere was wow, just wow!

Crocell @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

Mads Bertram Højland Gath of Crocell

 metal magic illdisposed crocell bass

Onkel Kusse of Crocell (actually during the Illdisposed set)

Crocell setlist

I’m a big fan of the song “My Path of Heresy” so I was really happy that was in the set.

Asbjörn Steffensen

More 2021 Metal Magic Festival photos

Pissing rainbows at Metal Magic

Viron Vortex


Turbocharged @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

2021 Metal Magic Festival (day one)

metal magic demongrinder-denoise

Metal Magic Festival organizer and guitarist of DemonGrinder

metal magic wokeh-low-light


metal magic rob coffinshaker-denoise

Rob Coffinshaker conjurs up a sunset