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Kushida-jinja 櫛田神社 fukuoka topaz denoise ai-clear

Kushida-jinja (櫛田神社) (Fukuoka, Japan – June 2013)



Miyajima Shinto Priest

miyajima shinto priest Shinto (神道) priest @ Itsukushima Shrine (厳島神社)

Shinto (神道) priest @ Itsukushima Shrine (厳島神社)

Time for church

fudoin koyasan

Morning prayer service in a Buddhist temple (Fudoin on Koyasan)

I have witnessed many Shinto and Buddhist rituals, but my night on Koyasan was my first experience actually participating in one (other than carrying the omikoshi during a Shinto procession). The night I was there the shukubo had two other parties of gaijin and three or four parties of native Japanese. We all attended the prayer service led by the young Buddhist monks in the morning. Although you didn’t need to speak or understand Japanese to participate, I was the only one of the gaijin who did more than watch. Maybe the others were Christian and felt like they would be betraying their faith. In any event, it felt good to do more than just watch for once.

Shimenawa (Shinto rope) @ Meiji Jingu

meiji jingu shimenawa gohei rope shinto

Meiji Jingu (Tokyo, Japan)

Shinto rope

kanazawa shimenawa shinto sacred rope japanese boy shrine

Shinto shrine

I’m not sure the exact location of this jinja as I’ve never been there. Today’s random photo was taken by either my son or daughter when they were being toured around the Kanazawa area courtesy of the generous Maki San.

That’s some serious Shinto rope (shimenawa) on this shrine.