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Metal Monday

2112 gothenburg mammoth wvh sofi stadium Jon Jourdan-clear

Jon Jourdan of Mammoth WVH @ Sofi Stadium repping Göteborg‘s 2112 (run by two members of In Flames)

@InFlames_SWE @JonJourdan87 @MammothWVH

Happy birthday, Niclas Engelin!

in flames copenhell Niclas Engelin Bryce Paul-low-light

Niclas Engelin and Bryce Paul of In Flames @ 2017 Copenhell

@InFlames_SWE @COPENHELL #copenhell

Happy birthday, Björn Gelotte!

Björn Gelotte of In Flames @ Medford Armory (2012)

Metal Monday

Niclas Engelin of In Flames @ Copenhell

@InFlames_SWE @COPENHELL #copenhell

In 13 days 2019 Copenhell will be over. 🙁 The good news is that it hasn’t even started yet. 🙂

Flashback Friday

Björn Gelotte of In Flames

@InFlames_SWE @COPENHELL #copenhell

Latest batch of announced acts for 2018 Copenhell were not great. The only one I’ll probably check out is Corrosion of Conformity. The rest are metalcore or grindcore, two genres I’m not fond of. Hopefully, the next announcement will be better.

In Flames @ 2017 Copenhell

copenhell in flames

In Flames @ Copenhell

@InFlames_SWE @COPENHELL #copenhell

in flames copenhell

Björn Gelotte

copenhell in flames Niclas Engelin

Niclas Engelin

bass bassist copenhell in flames Bryce Paul

Bryce Paul

copenhell in flames Anders Fridén

Anders Fridén