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Denmark in the semifinals tomorrow

copenhagen denmark soccer win 2020 celebration uefa european

Copenhagen celebrates quarterfinal victory over Czech (July 3, 2021)

Only four teams remain in the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2020 held in 2021). Denmark is the biggest underdog and Cinderella story. Beating England at Wembley Stadium is going to require another miracle.

Copenhagen City Hall (Københavns Rådhus) interior

copenhagen city hall interior

Copenhagen City Hall interior over stairwell

I have been watching Borgen over the past few days. Great show! Who knew Danish politics could be so interesting?

Københavns Rådhus

Copenhagen City Hall (2011)

Copenhagen City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall (Københavns Rådhus)

Today’s photo comes from almost 10 years ago when I was just learning photography. I need to go back to Copenhagen to revisit some of the places I haven’t been in a while now that I have a better idea what I’m doing. Yet another reason for 2021 to be a “normal” year.

Copenhagen City Hall from Christiansborg Slot

Copenhagen City Hall from Christiansborg Slot

#visitdenmark @VisitCopenhagen #Copenhagen #Denmark

Five months from today I’ll be back in my summer home, Copenhagen. This will be my sixth summer in Denmark and my fourth in a row.

View from Copenhagen City Hall Clock Tower

 Københavns Rådhus Scandic Palace Hotel Copenhagen city center aerial view nikon d7000 18-200mm vr II

Aerial view of Copenhagen, Denmark

My random, desktop image of the day was this one–a photo I took from the clock tower at the top of Copenhagen City Hall. The prominent building nearby is the Scandic Palace Hotel.