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Hurricane Ridge focus stack

hurricane ridge olympic national park everything in focus

Lying in the grass on Hurricane Ridge (Olympic National Park)

Waterfall Wednesday

Umbrella Falls mt hood oregon

Umbrella Falls (Oregon)

Sunset from inside a moving RV


Taken on our way to The Gorge five years ago…

Lake Cushman

Lake Cushman washington

Lake Cushman, Washington

Olympic National Park

seven photo photomerge panorama hurricane ridge hill trail olympic national park

View from Hurricane Hill Trail

After four days of hiking around and exploring Olympic National Park, for the first time, today we are heading home. On the way home, we plan to do one last trail on the east side of the park. Today’s photo is from yesterday. Mount Olympus is on the right side of the Olympic Mountains in the above photo.

Snæfellsnes lupin

Snæfellsnes lupin

Along the road on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula (Iceland, June 2019)

When I parked to photograph these beauties I also had the above view on the other side of the road.