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Mike Trout

mike trout mlb angels

Mike Trout

Trout doesn’t have four MVPs yet, but in his nine seasons he has three MVPs, four second-place finishes, and two others in the top five. He has led the league in runs four times, OBP four times, and OPS four times. That must be what home plate umpire, Manny Gonzalez, is alluding to.

Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory (Los Angeles, California)

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Happy birthday, Javy Guerra!

Javy Guerra of the Dodgers (April 2012)

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Getty Center Cactus Garden

Getty Museum Cactus Garden

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Flying into LAX…

Marina del Rey

…11 days ago looked like this.

A labyrinth (for fish?) to start the new year

Fish labyrinth

@GettyMuseum #GettyCenter

Today’s photo comes from The Getty Center in Los Angeles, an art museum that features as much, if not more, art in the architecture, grounds, and views than in the paintings and other works of art in the rooms.