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Half-mast for the victims of white supremacy

Blef denna byggnad malmo sweden half-mast

Scandinavian flags at half-mast in Malmö, Sweden (July 2011)

Today’s photo comes from a visit to Sweden just after the 2011 Norway attacks in which 77 people were killed by a white supremacist.

St. Peter’s Church

Sankt Petri kyrka

The oldest building in Malmö, clocking in at nearly 700 years old, is Sankt Petri Kyrka. Some parts are “only” 600 years old.

I didn’t have my wide-angle lens with me at the time, and this place is far too large to fit into a single frame at 24mm on a crop sensor camera like my D500, so this is actually three photos merged together.

Malmö Museer (Malmo, Sweden Museum)

Malmö Museer

Malmö Museum exhibition of pig-headed humans

I had been through Malmö, Sweden a number of times on the train. Once I even went outside the train station, but it was raining so hard I couldn’t really see anything. With just a few days left in Scandinavia, and nothing else to do after several consecutive days of poor weather in Copenhagen, we decided to head over to Malmö with the hope that the weather would get a bit better. It didn’t.

What do you do when sightseeing in lousy weather? You go to museums. We went to Malmö Museer which is connected to the 15th Century Malmöhus Castle. Neither were spectacular in the rain, and I’m guessing they aren’t in good weather either.

Malmo Museum was the wackiest museum I’ve ever encountered. The exhibits are not in English; not that that would make much difference. The exhibits are seemingly random. Walk in one room to find natural history, the next is about a concentration camp, the next is an aquarium, and the next may very well be an art gallery featuring pig-headed humans. This place was absolutely bizarre, although I don’t think it intended to be such which made it rather sad.

Malmö Museer eco design

Malmö Museer "No Shit! Eco Design" exhibit

This was about the only sign in English, and it rather well sums up the craziness of the place.

Flags in Sweden in support of Norway

Malmö central square

Malmö, Sweden half-mast flags for Norway tragedy

I spent today in Malmö. Like Denmark, Sweden is flying their flags (and those of Norway) at half mast.


Malmö flags of Sweden and Norway fly at half mast

Last day in Sweden

Gothenburg has Scandinavia’s largest mall. The thing is absolutely huge. But malls aren’t fun to take pictures of so I didn’t. The shopping spills out of the mall and into countless, cute, cobblestone streets. Unless you are earning a living in Swedish Kronors or Norwegian Krones I can’t imagine really wanting to shop here as those of us with U.S. dollars can’t get much bang for our buck.

Gothenburg Sweden harbor

Gothenburg reminded me a bit of San Francisco, and the above picture may give you one indication of why.

Gothenburg Opera House and Scandinavian flags

In front of the opera house flew the four Scandinavian flags. Maybe someday, when the U.S. dollar is worth something I will get to take another trip to see Norway and Finland. Right now things in those two countries are even more expensive than Denmark and Sweden.

Gothenburg canal

Gothenburg has a canal that rings the city center. We took an hour long canal tour which was very nice. We plan to do the same in Copenhagen this coming Sunday.

Gothenburg statue

Gothenburg was filled with very cool statues and parks. The batteries in my camera died early in the day so I don’t have many pictures of them though.

Gothenburg canal and architecture

gothenburg canal tour

This was the only picture I got off from our canal tour before my camera’s batteries needed recharging. After the tour we walked around the Haga area which was very pretty before scrambling back to the train station to head back to Copenhagen.

The train took us back through beautiful countryside with occasional views of the ocean. Towns included Kungsbacka, Varberg, Halmstad, Helsingborg, and Malmo. We may head back over the border at some point to visit Malmo from more than the seat of a train.

One month until we leave for Copenhagen

We are now counting down the days, instead of the months, until we leave. We have plane tickets and a place to stay in Copenhagen. Beyond that we need your help if possible.

map of denmark and parts of germany and sweden

I will be teaching in Copenhagen on Mondays and Wednesdays which means that we will have four-day weekends in which to explore areas beyond Copenhagen. The plan is to spend one of those weekends in Sweden (close to Denmark–not Stockholm), another in Germany (close to Denmark–not Munich, Frankfurt, or even Berlin), and we may spend the others in different parts of Denmark. After Denmark we will be flying to Paris for five days.

Do any of you have any specific recommendations for places to stay (or avoid!) including town names and lodgings given the above parameters? We’ll probably stay two nights on our weekend trips to other parts of Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, and we need a place for five nights on our Paris trip.

Any help, suggestions, or past experiences that you have had would be much appreciated!