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Happy birthday, Manoj Ramdas!

metal magic manoj ramdas childrenn topaz denoise ai-low-light

Manoj Ramdas with Childrenn @ 2017 Metal Magic Festival

Happy birthday, Thomas Zeilau!

metal magic diamond head

Thomas, Michael, and Diamond Head @ 2017 Metal Magic Festival

Happy birthday, Michael Olesen!

metal magic diamond head

Metal Monday

grusom metal magic festival Nicolaj Hoffmann Jul-DeNoiseAI-clear

Grusom’s Nicolaj Hoffmann @ 2018 Metal Magic Festival

I love Grusom, even though they no longer exist. I somehow missed them at 2016 Copenhell. They may have been on at the same time as Tribulation. I don’t remember why exactly.

Anyway, flash forward two years, and they were on the Metal Magic bill. I didn’t miss them there. They made my list of best albums in 2018.

And then, last summer, I was extraordinarily lucky to see their final show at High Voltage in Copenhagen. Maybe they’ll get back together someday? I hope so.

One year ago today…

slaegt metal magic-DeNoiseAI-clear

Slægt @ 2021 Metal Magic Festival

…was one of the finest of my existence.

If only…

2022 Metal Magic Festival Running Order schedule

2022 Metal Magic Festival Running Order

…the above was the rest of my week and the below was part of next month. 🙁

2022 Brutal Assault Bands