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Fall colors near Tokyo

mt mitake fall colors shrine jinja

Mt. Mitake in Autumn

The fall colors (紅葉) aren’t ripe on Mt. Mitake, near Tokyo, yet, but if you are in or near Tokyo, be sure to head up the mountain in about a month (November 15-30 time frame) for some of nature’s beauty.

Power lines in the Japanese countryside

古里駅 kori station mitake tanzaburo 丹三郎

Near Kori Station (古里駅) just past Tanzaburo (丹三郎)

I mentioned yesterday that the power lines in Japanese cities can be spoil an otherwise interesting view. The same goes for the countryside in Japan. Today’s photo comes from this part of our Mt. Mitake Hike.

Musashi Mitake Jinja (武蔵御嶽神社)

musashimitakejinja 武蔵御嶽神社

Just over three years ago we climbed Mt. Mitake, and like most mountains in Japan there was a Shinto shrine at the top. Late November is a great time of year to make this day trip from Tokyo as the colors are spectacular, and you can usually see farthest in Japan in autumn and winter when the humidity is low.

Autumn on Mt. Mitake

autumn color japan mount mitake

Fall is in the air in my current neck of the woods (Oregon), and some of the trees have begun to change color. In Japan (around Tokyo anyway) autumn doesn’t come until November, at the earliest, so there are still a couple of months before things look like today’s photo. I took this pic in late November on Mt. Mitake, not far from Tokyo.

Mt. Mitake hike

mt. mitake hiking course japan hikes near tokyo

Even though I have loads of hiking opportunities now that I’m back home in Oregon, I miss hikes like this one near Tokyo. There is something special about leaving the center of the ultimate metropolis of Tokyo by train in the morning and arriving at scenery like this on the trail up Mt. Mitake just a short time later.

Fall Japanese scene

leaves falling on the ground mt. mitake hike japan

Autumn in Japan

If you are currently in Japan, October and November are excellent months to go hiking. The weather is generally good, the fall foliage is beautiful (although the fall colors generally don’t hit their peak near Tokyo until late November), and the crowds (especially on weekdays) are slim to none.

Today’s photo was taken in late November on our way up Mt. Mitake.