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Horning’s Hideout Creek

Northwest String Summit 5-photo photomerge Happy Camp Creek-DeNoiseAI-clear

Happy Camp Creek

There were at least a thousand campers within a 100-yard radius of this location. Yet from this spot, you couldn’t hear or see any of them, and they seemed very far away indeed.

Sahale Falls

sahale falls mount hood oregon-clear

Sahale (AKA Sahalie) Falls (Mount Hood, Oregon – August 2019)



Today’s photo comes from a trip to San Francisco back in November of 2012. The California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park is where this scene was captured.

World’s Largest Spruce Tree

 lake quinault worlds largest spruce tree linda

World’s Largest Spruce Tree (Lake Quinault, Olympic National Park)

Even at 16mm, I couldn’t get more than a “small” portion of this tree in the photo.

Frog in Olympic National Park

frog olympic national park-low-light

Olympic National Park

seven photo photomerge panorama hurricane ridge hill trail olympic national park

View from Hurricane Hill Trail

After four days of hiking around and exploring Olympic National Park, for the first time, today we are heading home. On the way home, we plan to do one last trail on the east side of the park. Today’s photo is from yesterday. Mount Olympus is on the right side of the Olympic Mountains in the above photo.