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Mad Ferret @ Stramash

scotland edinburgh mad ferret Stramash-low-light

Mad Ferret @ Stramash

@MadFerretBand @StramashEdin

I thought that one of the disappointing things about going to Scotland this summer was that it would be the only place I visited without any live music (due to Covid restrictions, which are generally less in Europe than in the USA unless you are in the UK). However, during a tour I was on to the Isle of Skye, my tour guide played a great band from his hometown called “Mad Ferret”. He sort of DJed the songs he played on the bus and mentioned that Mad Ferret was playing the following night in Edinburgh. I went online and quickly grabbed up tickets for us before it sold out. The show ended up being the first allowed live music in Edinburgh in almost 18 months, and virtually everyone there was seeing live music for the first time in ages and freaking out. An amazing evening!

2021 Metal Magic Festival (day one)

metal magic demongrinder-denoise

Metal Magic Festival organizer and guitarist of DemonGrinder

metal magic wokeh-low-light


metal magic rob coffinshaker-denoise

Rob Coffinshaker conjurs up a sunset

Alien Force @ High Voltage

alien force high voltage copenhagen Henrik Rasmussen-low-light

Henrik Rasmussen of Alien Force @ Copenhagen’s High Voltage (July 2, 2021)

Today’s photo is from a week ago. I saw Alien Force again last night at Metal Magic, but haven’t had a chance to look at those photos yet.

Alien Force is one of many old-school (mostly) Danish metal bands that have been resurrected or at least revived in recent years. From The Vaults is not only releasing old material from these bands; they are also funding the creation of new albums by these bands that haven’t released anything in decades. For instance, Alien Force has a new album coming out. Their first since I graduated from high school, and I am no spring chicken. I missed my 30-year high school reunion many years ago.

Denmark in the semifinals tomorrow

copenhagen denmark soccer win 2020 celebration uefa european

Copenhagen celebrates quarterfinal victory over Czech (July 3, 2021)

Only four teams remain in the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship (UEFA Euro 2020 held in 2021). Denmark is the biggest underdog and Cinderella story. Beating England at Wembley Stadium is going to require another miracle.

Roxy Jules @ People Like Us

roxy jules people like us Manoj Ramdas julie runa-low-light

Roxy Jules @ People Like Us (June 30, 2021)

Great band, great people, great beer, great cause!

Photos from 2021 Metal Aid Festival (day two)

demolizer amager bio metal aid-low-light


withering surface amager bio metal aid-low-light

Withering Surface

slaegt amager bio metal aid Anders M Jørgensen-low-light

Slægt’s Anders M. Jørgensen

artillery amager bio metal aid-low-light

Artillery @ Amager Bio @ 2021 Metal Aid