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More 2024 Sabertooth PDX photos

sabertooth pdx death valley girls

Bonnie Bloomgarden of Death Valley Girls

sabertooth pdx crystal ballroom

Portland’s Crystal Ballroom

sabertooth frankie witch fingers setlist

Frankie and the Witch Fingers setlist (May 31, 2024)

sabertooth frankie witch fingers Nikki Pickle Dylan Sizemore

Nikki Pickle and Dylan Sizemore of Frankie and the Witch Fingers @ 2024 Sabertooth PDX

Happy birthday, Kim Coffel!

Kim Coffel of Hoaxed @ 2023 Sabertooth Fest PDX

Black Mountain @ 2024 Sabertooth PDX

black mountain sabertooth pdx crystal ballroom

Black Mountain in the Crystal Ballroom (May 31, 2024)

Happy birthday, Steve Vai!

steve vai elsinore theatre

Steve Vai @ Elsinore Theatre (February 1, 2024)


During Steve’s set when I took the above photo I got to thinking about the only other time I saw him (with David Lee Roth back in 1986), and it dawned on me that a new personal record was being set (longest time between seeing an artist live). After the show, I turned to my friend (who is about six years older than me) and told him about the nearly 38-year gap in seeing Steve Vai for me. A light bulb went off in his head, and he informed me that he had me beat as the last time he saw Steve Vai play live was with Frank Zappa!

Fluid Druid @ 2024 Sabertooth PDX

Fluid Druid sabertooth crystal ballroom

Fluid Druid in the Crystal Ballroom (May 31, 2024)

Tachycineta bicolor

tree swallow beatty

Tree Swallow (Beatty, Oregon)