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Metal Monday

Dorthia Cottrell

Windhand @ Aladdin Theater (June 29, 2022)

@aladdintheater @windhandva

Un @ Aladdin Theater

windhand aladdin theater un-DeNoiseAI-severe-noise

Un and Windhand soundboard @ Aladdin Theater (Portland, Oregon – June 29, 2022)


aladdin theater un-DeNoiseAI-clear

Seattle’s Un @ the Aladdin Theater

There are at least seven bands that go by the name “Un” so as to not be confused, this was the doom metal band from Seattle.

The Aladdin Theater

@aladdintheater windhand aladdin theater-DeNoiseAI-clear

Windhand @ The Aladdin Theater marquee


Senza @ John Henry’s

Mason of Senza @ John Henry’s (Eugene, Oregon – June 27, 2022)

I’m currently on a mini-music trip. Last night was Eugene, and tomorrow is Portland.

Pigs on the Wing in PDX

pigs on the wing mississippi studios-DeNoiseAI-low-light

Pigs on the Wing @ Mississippi Studios (June 18, 2022)


They are playing tonight in Hood River at The Ruins. Don’t miss it if you are in the area.

Portland Japanese Flat Garden



I’ve visited Portland at least a couple dozen times over the past 25 years. I thought I had been to the Portland Japanese Garden about 20 years ago. We went for a visit this past weekend, and I realized it was the Seattle Japanese Garden that I went to long ago so this was a first. There was a pretty good downpour just before (and just after) taking this photo (which is a photomerge of 22 photos) so not many people around.