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Zakk Wylde

zakk wylde roseland pdx black label society-DeNoiseAI-clear

Zakk Wylde @ Roseland (Portland, Oregon – October 2021)

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A little over six months ago, this happened. Next week will be my first metal show since then (in Berkeley, California for Behemoth, Arch Enemy, and Unto Others).

Two weeks ago…

Jose Gonzalez @ Revolution Hall – Portland, Oregon (March 11, 2022)

@RevHallpdx @_JoseGonzalez_

Victim of Changes

judas priest rob halford moda center portland oregon pdx

My photo pass for Queensryche and Judas Priest last week at the Moda Center in Portland didn’t materialize, but I did take a few photos and videos on my phone.

Judas Priest is (I think) the first band that I have now seen live (more or less) in the 80s, 90s, 00s (as Halford), 10s (actually late in 2009–KK’s last show with the band), and 20s.

Shamrock Run Portland

 RAW ellie lilli shamrock run portland

Pre-run stretch

15k later

Jose Gonzalez @ Revolution Hall

Jose Gonzalez @ Revolution Hall (Portland, Oregon – March 11, 2022)

@RevHallpdx @_JoseGonzalez_

I was supposed to see Jose Gonzalez on a beach in the Faroe Islands eight months ago. Thanks to Covid, that didn’t happen (although I was on said beach at the appointed time). Good things come to those who wait, however, as last night was incredible.

Metal Monday

obituary roseland topaz denoise ai-low-light

Obituary @ Roseland Theater (Portland, Oregon – October 2021)

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