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View from the Rainbow Bridge

minato city tokyo rainbow bridge

Minato City (Tokyo) from the Rainbow Bridge

I’ve been using Topaz DeNoise for several years now. They have a new version called DeNoise AI that also comes with Clear AI, and it’s $20 off for another week or so through this link. Enter BATCH15 at checkout for another 15% off bringing the price down to $50.

Before using Topaz Denoise AI (and Photoshop Adobe CC to straighten things) on the above image, the photo looked like what you see below.

If you click on the images to get to their full sizes you’ll be able to see the differences better.



Odaiba (Tokyo, Japan)

Tokyo Bay from Rainbow Bridge

tokyo bay from rainbow bridge


Rainbow Bridge – Tokyo, Japan

tokyo odaiba rainbow bridge


Tokyo Skytree opens today

tokyo skytree from rainbow bridge

Today is the long-awaited opening of the Tokyo Skytree. With the high demand to check out Tokyo from the top, you would have had to have won a lottery months ago to ascend the Skytree this week. Supposedly, you can get a ticket a bit easier beginning in mid-July. In any case, admission isn’t cheap. Look to pay between 2,000 and 3,500 yen (> $40 US) to check out the view from the Tokyo Skytree.

I took today’s photo a couple years before the Skytree was completed from the Rainbow Bridge. You can see the under-construction Skytree to the far right in this pic.


tokyo tower odaiba statue of liberty rainbow bridge

There are three places in the world where you can find both the Eiffel Tower (or something similar) and the Statue of Liberty (or something similar). Can you name them?

The first one is easy–Paris. There you can find the original Eiffel Tower and one of the original Statue of Liberties.

The second place is today’s photo. In Tokyo you can find Tokyo Tower, modelled after the Eiffel Tower, and a recent Statue of Liberty–separated by the Rainbow Bridge across Tokyo Bay.

The third place features the newest copies–Las Vegas.

In less than five months I’ll be checking out the Statue of Liberty in New York for the first time.